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Now Available! Small, perfectly portioned edible alginate packets for a variety of fillings from jams and cheeses to energy gels, meat snacks or condiment fillings! Think of the possibilities! The New Handtmann ConProSachet system packages fluid or pasty food products and food supplements in small sachets, pods or pockets. The system uses seaweed-based material instead of plastic film so the sachets can be ingested or disposed of in organic waste after use because they biodegrade within a few weeks.

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Revolutionary New Technology With An Edible Alginate Casing

Two innovations make this possible: the ability to create an exceptionally thin but effective alginate casing and the precision to portion small, separated volumes at high speeds so the filling is not squeezed at the ends. The precision of the newest Handtmann coextruding technologies makes this possible and the potential uses for these no-leak edible sachets include snacks, treats and quick energy bursts when on the run!

Soft Cheese Packets

Perfectly portioned soft cheese can now be coextruded into thin, tightly sealed edible pods. Watch this video and see how!

Jams, Gels & Condiments in Edible Pods

Takeaway is more convenient and sustainable with edible packets. View video to find out more!

Salami Pillow Packets

Biodegradable snack packs handle a variety of solid, gel, and liquid fillings. Watch how these meat snacks are made!

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