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Canada’s most searched cuisines in 2020

Which cuisine do Canadians search the most? By analyzing Google searches in Canada, HelloFresh has crowned the nation’s most searched for cuisine. Are we loyal to our national cuisine or do we prefer something a little more international?

Canada’s most searched cuisine by province

Did you know British Columbia has the most foodies? Search interest scores were tied for Indian, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, German, Chinese, Korean and Greek cuisines. HelloFresh determined the overall most in-demand cuisine by looking at the number of searches for each cuisine. Chinese took the top spot, as British Columbians have searched for the cuisine 33,100 times per month on average in 2020.

Canada’s most searched cuisine by city

How do Canada’s most searched cuisines compare on a city level? The graphic below shows the top cuisines of 20 of Canada’s largest cities based on population size.

As you can see, Canada as a whole likes a variety of different cuisines. However, with Mexican food and Italian food both having the highest search interest score in five of the 20 cities, it’s clearly one of the cuisines that Canadians are most curious about.
While Canadian food is the most searched cuisine in Toronto, this could be partially due to the high number of tourists who visit the city wanting to experience a taste of Canadian culture and are searching for dishes to sample.

The most searched dishes from each cuisine

What are the most searched dishes from each cuisine? Here are the dishes that have been the most in-demand in Canada in 2020, based on the number of times they are searched in an average month.

Top 3 Canadian Dishes

1. Poutine (52,000)
2. Bannock (15,000)
3. Tourtiere (12,000)

Top 3 Mexican Dishes

1. Guacamole (43,000)
2. Quesadilla (23,000)
3. Chorizo (19,000)

Top 3 Italian Dishes

1. Pizza (164,000)
2. Risotto (34,000)
3. Tiramisu (33,000)

Top 3 French Dishes

1. Ratatouille (55,000)
2. Quiche (26,000)
3. Raclette (22,000)

Top 3 Indian Dishes

1. Butter chicken (30,000)
2. Biryani (17,000)
3. Samosa (13,000)

Top 3 Filipino Dishes

1. Congee (9,700)
2. Adobo (7,800)
3. Lechon (3,400)

Top 3 Korean Dishes

1. Korean BBQ (18,000)
2. Tteokbokki (10,000)
3. Kimbap (5,800)

Top 3 Greek Dishes

1. Tzatziki (25,000)
2. Baklava (20,000)
3. Moussake (18,000)

Top 3 Japanese Dishes

1. Sushi (73,000)
2. Ramen (35,000)
3. Sashimi (18,000)

Top 3 Vietnamese Dishes

1. Pho (36,000)
2. Congee (9,700)
3. Bun cha (1,600)

Top 3 Afghan Dishes

1. Chopan Kabob (1,200)
2. Manto (1,200)
3. Bolani (600)

Top 3 German Dishes

1. Schnitzel (15,000)
2. Pretzel (9,300)
3. Bratwurst (4,600)

Top 3 Chinese Dishes

1. Chow mein (30,000)
2. Dim sum (17,000)
3. Dumpling (13,000)


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