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August 16, 2016  

Recycle your breakfast

Research shows more food and beverage cartons could be recycled

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July 20, 2016  

Official Made with Pulses seal unveiled

The new Pulse Brand and “Made with Pulses” seal are green and gold symbols intended to help consumers easily identify food products that contain pulses

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July 5, 2016  

The business of farming insects

Brothers Darren, Ryan and Dr. Jarrod Goldin run Entomo Farms, an insect business north east of Toronto

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June 3, 2016  

McDonald’s Canada concludes sustainable beef pilot

The successful conclusion of McDonald’s Verified Sustainable Beef Pilot marks a major milestone in the chain’s collaborative partnership with the Canadian beef industry over the past 30 months

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April 21, 2016  

Newfoundland cod stock shows signs of recovery

An independent assessment shows that Newfoundland’s northern cod stock has grown since 2006, as goals are set for even further improvement

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February 5, 2016  

Egg Farmers of Canada launches industry-wide shift from “conventional” hen housing

All production will be in enriched housing, free-run, aviary or free-range by 2036

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February 1, 2016  

Tim Hortons commits to 100% cage-free eggs by 2025

RBI, parent company of both Tim Hortons and Burger King, has made a commitment to transition to 100-per-cent cage free eggs

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January 27, 2016  

Provision Coalition releases sustainability resources

The Guelph, Ont.-based food and beverage sustainability organization has released a series of resources to help make sustainability simple and accessible

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January 19, 2016  

Mondelēz International will transition to cage-free eggs

The global snacking giant has announced plans to fully transition to using cage-free eggs in the U.S. and Canada by 2020, and in Europe by 2025

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January 5, 2016  

Chef Michael Smith promotes International Year of Pulses

To mark the UN’s International Year of Pulses, the renowned Canadian chef and TV personality is taking the “Pulse Pledge”

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December 22, 2015  

Quebec Teamsters launch “Brown Bottle” campaign

The Teamsters Local Union 1999 is urging beer drinkers to choose brown bottles over cans, in an effort to reduce environmental impact and preserve jobs

News Food In Canada Sustainability
December 9, 2015  

French’s commits to clean ingredients and social responsibility

The French’s Food Company has announced a new promise to use real, local ingredients and to operate in a socially responsible manner

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November 3, 2015  

Essex farmer recognized for pollinator protection

Essex County, Ont.’s David Ainslie is the 2015 recipient of the Canadian Farmer-Rancher Pollinator Conservation Award

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October 29, 2015  

Cities call for federal tax incentive to cut food waste

A number of major Canadian cities have come out in support of a federal tax incentive aimed at decreasing food waste

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October 28, 2015  

Study shows how to optimize recycling

To mark Waste Reduction Week in Canada, the Carton Council of Canada spread the word about a new study on recycling optimization

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October 9, 2015  

Montreal grocery food recovery program shows strong results

Food bank organization Moisson Montréal says its supermarket program has enabled the recovery of close to 855 tons of food since 2013

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August 12, 2015  

Quebec dairy farm wins sustainability award

The Dairy Farmers of Canada awarded the fourth annual Dairy Farm Sustainability Award this time to a Quebec-based dairy farm called Ferme Bois Mou 2001 inc.

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August 5, 2015  

Research grant will help Canada feed world’s growing population

A federal grant of $37.2 million over seven years to the University of Saskatchewan will allow researchers to create innovative techniques for crop development

News Fruit & Vegetables Research & Development Sustainability
August 5, 2015  

Team turns food waste into usable food powder called FoPo

A team of graduate students from Sweden’s Lund University has created a way to curb food waste by turning it into a food powder with several innovative uses

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July 6, 2015  

Pulse Canada set to launch massive campaign

Pulse Canada received a boost of $3.5 million to launch a campaign promoting the benefits of peas, lentils, beans and chickpeas to North Americans

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June 30, 2015  

B.C. celebrates its food processors

The B.C. Food Processors Association held its annual awards gala during its eighth annual FoodProWest. The awards celebrate the best of the best foods and processors in the province

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June 23, 2015  

Follow the leader

Walmart asks its U.S. suppliers to begin cutting back and reporting on the use of antibiotics in food animals

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June 23, 2015  

It’s time to pull it together

A global view and a national strategy

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June 17, 2015  

New regulations to protect pollinators take effect July 1, 2015

After hearing from stakeholders, Ontario’s proposed regulations to protect pollinators will come into effect July 1. The new regs call for a reduction in the number of acres with neonicotinoid-treated corn and soybean seed by 80% by 2017.

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June 16, 2015  

Single-serve coffee might be better for the environment: study

A new study from PAC, Packaging Consortium and Quantis Canada looked at the environmental impacts of single-serve versus bulk coffee brewing and the results may surprise you

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June 11, 2015  

Key market drivers are reshaping the food industry

Changes are bringing new opportunities and challenges

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May 29, 2015  

$25-million dairy research and innovation centre opens

The Livestock Research and Innovation Centre (LRIC) — Dairy Facility at Elora will study everything from genetics, nutrition and quality improvement to animal welfare, food safety, and animal and human health

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March 30, 2015  

Funding to help oyster industry increase efficiencies

Seven oyster companies in New Brunswick will share a $1.2-million investment to help them improve efficiencies and expand operations

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March 30, 2015  

B.C. modernizes its seafood legislation

The province of B.C. has updated its fish and seafood legislation with the new Fish and Seafood Act. The new Act focuses on sustainability and food safety

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March 24, 2015  

Ontario setting new rules to protect pollinators

The province has set out proposed regulations on reducing neonicotinoid pesticide use, which affect pollinator health, by 80 per cent by 2017. The public can comment on the draft until May 7

News Fruit & Vegetables Research & Development Sustainability
March 19, 2015  

An international group of potato researchers joins forces to improve yield

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada is leading a team of international potato researchers to look at major causes of potato yield losses

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March 4, 2015  

Climate change will impact food safety: study

Climate change will have an impact on crop production, food security and food safety, says a new study, but it’s not all doom and gloom

News Meat &Poultry Sustainability
March 4, 2015  

Investment to focus on sustainable beef production in Manitoba

The province of Manitoba and the federal government are pitching in $3.1 million to support research and develop resources focused on sustainable beef production

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March 3, 2015  

Sodexo Canada to source more egg products from cage-free hens

Sodexo Canada is extending its commitment to animal welfare by not only sourcing shell eggs from cage-free systems but also sourcing liquid eggs from cage-free systems

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December 10, 2014  

Food retail prices expected to increase in 2015, but only marginally: report

The annual Food Price Report 2015 is out and says Canadians should expect increases of between .3 per cent and 2.4 per cent in the coming year

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December 9, 2014  

Pollinator Award goes to unique family farm in Alberta

An Alberta family farm with a unique approach to farming and a community supported agriculture method are recognized for their efforts to protect pollinators