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January 30, 2015  

A new consortium will work to better understand food safety

IBM Research and Mars Inc. have formed the Consortium for Sequencing the Food Supply Chain and hopes “to provide a tool to address threats on an unprecedented scale”

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December 3, 2014  

Special Delivery

Understanding import regulations can be the difference between success and failure for Canadian distributors and retailers

Opinion Beverages Processing Regulation
December 1, 2014  

Brewing modern food standards

When speaking of regulatory modernization it is hard to avoid the dialogue around food standards

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November 28, 2014  

U.S. appeals WTO decision – again

Canada’s government says it’s deeply disappointed with the news that yet again the U.S. is appealing the WTO’s ruling on COOL

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November 27, 2014  

Ontario plans to reduce use of neonicotinoid-treated seeds

OMAFRA and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change say the reduction will protect pollinator health, but not everyone agrees with the motion

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November 10, 2014  

GM potato produces less acrylamide

The USDA has approved a genetically modified potato that produces less acrylamide and resists bruising

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October 20, 2014  

WTO rules on the U.S.’s amendments to COOL

The World Trade Organization still sides with Canada and Mexico on COOL, saying the U.S.’s amendments violate trade rules

Opinion Packaging Processing Regulation
October 17, 2014  

Serving up label changes

Serving sizes and mandatory labelling

Opinion Meat &Poultry Food Safety Processing Regulation
October 17, 2014  

Amplifying AMPs – Part II

Careful attention to implementation is key

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September 10, 2014  

GMO, Yes or No?

Labelling of products containing genetically modified organisms has become a political issue south of the border, leading many in the industry to wonder if Canada will be next

Opinion Ingredients & Additives Packaging Regulation
September 8, 2014  

A “sweet” trinity – sugar labelling

Sugar and the future of nutrition labelling in Canada

Opinion Meat &Poultry Food Safety Regulation
September 8, 2014  

Amplifying AMPs – Part I

Extending AMPs to the Meat Inspection Act is a major development

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August 18, 2014  

New Brunswick drops controversial beer sale regulation

After consulting with nano- and micro-brewers across the province, the New Brunswick Liquor Corporation realized its new policy would only hurt these businesses

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August 11, 2014  

Tweed Marijuana to open greenhouse in Niagara region

Health Canada approves licence for 350,000-sq.-ft. facility

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August 8, 2014  

What do Canadians want on food labels?

Food labelling modernization is coming, but what do consumers actually want?

Opinion Food Safety Regulation
August 8, 2014  

Recent research on third-party audits

Two recently published academic studies provide interesting insights into several aspects of this important new area of food law

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July 3, 2014  

Feds begin regulatory reform for aquaculture sector

New regulations will increase sustainable aquaculture production, protect environment

Opinion Packaging Regulation
June 23, 2014  

Best Before Date Confusion

  Consumers don’t understand what best before dates really

Opinion Food Safety Regulation
June 23, 2014  

Food literacy and labelling

We still have a lot to learn about food in order to make informed decisions about what we eat

Opinion Meat &Poultry Food Safety Regulation
June 23, 2014  

Reducing antibiotics in meat – Part II

Strengthening vet oversight of antimicrobial use in food animals

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June 3, 2014  

COOL update after hearing in Washington

The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association has released an update on U.S. mandatory Country of Origin Labeling (COOL)

Opinion Packaging Regulation
May 23, 2014  

Memories of the Guide to Food Labelling and Advertising

Gary Gnirss examines the new Food Labelling for Industry guidelines

Opinion Meat &Poultry Food Safety Processing Regulation
May 21, 2014  

Reducing antibiotics in meat – Part I

Ron Doering discusses the proposal to remove growth promotion claims from vet drugs

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May 13, 2014  

MNP/CTAC Executive Round Table 2014

“Adapting and standing out in an ever-changing market” is the theme that guided event discussions, highlighting the issues that are most relevant to the industry and focusing on the dynamics and business concerns of the participants.

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April 28, 2014  

Ontario says yes to wine at farmer’s markets

VQA wine will be sold at markets beginning in May

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April 24, 2014  

Beware of Gluten-Free Claims

Gluten-free has spread like wildfire. In hot pursuit of

Opinion Business Operations Food Safety Processing Regulation
April 10, 2014  

How traceability can increase profitability

In her new column, Birgit Blain discusses ways in which food processors can turn traceability requirements into a positive, value-added proposition

Opinion Packaging Regulation
March 26, 2014  

A matter of nutrition facts

The U.S. FDA has recently made it obvious that

Feature Dairy Meat &Poultry Regulation
March 26, 2014  

The Future of Supply Management

Food in Canada examines the controversial state of Canada’s supply management systems for dairy, poultry and eggs

Feature Meat &Poultry Business Operations Regulation
March 26, 2014  

Following the Footprints

Why traceability in the meat chain brings both safety and economic advantage

News Meat &Poultry Exporting & Importing Regulation
February 24, 2014  

Meat pilot program focuses on meat nomenclature

US-Canada to harmonize names of meat cuts

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February 10, 2014  

The year ahead in food regulation and labelling

Last year was a year of breaking bad that included much discussion and anticipation over the future of food regulation in Canada. It also threw in a few surprises, such as transitioning the authority of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada to Health Canada. Many questions concerning the future of how food will be regulated still need to be addressed.

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January 8, 2014  

USDA report says CFIA doing “adequate” job

U.S. agency says CFIA needs improvements to maintain equivalence with American meat safety regulations

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November 28, 2013  

Auditor General finds weaknesses in Canada’s food recall procedures

In its fall report, Canada’s Auditor General outlined several strengths and weaknesses in the country’s food recall procedures, and included several recommendations on how to improve them

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October 4, 2013  

Spray on antimicrobial

Beefxide, Porkxide and Lambxide from Birko are antimicrobial interventions that can be sprayed on to reduce bacteria

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October 3, 2013  

Mustard seed industry receives a boost

An investment of almost $5 million will go toward researching new varieties of mustard seed plants and improving production methods