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News Facilities Maintenance
April 29, 2013  

New conveyor is cost efficient

FlexLink’s new generation X65 conveyor offers sustainability and innovation

News Facilities Maintenance Food Safety
April 23, 2013  

Fast, accurate pathogen detection

3M has launched the 3M Molecular Detection System to help food processors to better respond to pathogens

News Facilities Maintenance
April 16, 2013  

Add crunch and reduce costs

TicaPAN Quick Crunch from TIC Gums can match the performance of gum arabic in certain confections and can be much easier to source

News Facilities Maintenance
April 5, 2013  

Flavour options for the meatless consumer

Comax Flavors has developed ingredients to replace and enhance the flavours of meat and meatless products

News Facilities Maintenance
April 1, 2013  

New halogen bulbs are safer, cost-efficient

Safety coated, shatter-resistant, energy efficient halogen A19 bulbs are new from Shat-R-Shield

News Facilities Maintenance
March 19, 2013  

System delivers hygienic, precise performance

Handtmann recently unveiled its new Ground Meat Divider with Bizerba Neptune inline checkweigher

News Business Operations Facilities Maintenance
March 18, 2013  

New ingredient can help create healthier foods

The new Almagine HL from Solazyme Roquette Nutritionals is derived from microalgae and offers formulators a lipid alternative

News Facilities Maintenance
March 11, 2013  

Food ingredients add functional value

L.V. Lomas distributes the Empure, a clean label potato starch, and Emglucan, a waxy winter barley

News Facilities Maintenance
March 5, 2013  

Ingredient approved by Health Canada

Ingredion’s Nutraflora prebiotic fibre can offer many health benefits

News Business Operations Facilities Maintenance Food Trends
March 4, 2013  

Positive conditions for global poultry industry

A new report from Rabobank predicts better conditions for the global poultry industry but adds that the outlook is still “very fragile”

News Business Operations Facilities Maintenance Food Trends
February 25, 2013  

IPPE Round up!

IPPE attracts a record number of visitors to Atlanta, Ga. for one of its biggest shows ever

News Facilities Maintenance Food Safety
February 22, 2013  

Molecular detection technology meets international standard

3M Molecular Detection Assay Salmonella from 3M Food Safety has received an extension of its current NF Validation by AFNOR Certification

News Facilities Maintenance
February 15, 2013  

Resistant starch could replace flour

Ingredion’s Hi-Maize resistant starch can increase fibre in foods without affecting sensory characteristics

News Facilities Maintenance
February 6, 2013  

Moisture analyzers improve measurement

Mettler-Toledo says its Excellence Moisture Analyzers offer improved results and higher productivity

News Facilities Maintenance
January 31, 2013  

Clean conveyors

Dynamic Conveyor’s new DynaClean line of belt food conveyors can reduce carbon emissions, water consumption and wastewater

News Facilities Maintenance
January 29, 2013  

Cool it!

The HydroFlow line of Coolant Recycling Systems from Eriez can recycle any water-miscible fluid to its maximum potential

News Facilities Maintenance
January 18, 2013  

Ingredient expands opportunities for sauces

Rousselot has launched EmulsiGel, which is easy to dissolve and use, and is a clean label ingredient

News Facilities Maintenance
January 14, 2013  

System lets you increase yield and capacity

Marel Inc.’s new linear press meat harvester, the ProTEN, will be on display at IPPE 2013 in Atlanta

News Facilities Maintenance
January 4, 2013  

Ingredient offers clean label, process tolerance

Ingredion’s new Novation Endura 0100 functional starch can withstand harsh processing and won’t mask delicate flavours

News Facilities Maintenance
January 2, 2013  

New glove line works for food processing applications

Ansell’s new additions to its hand protection line use cut-resistant technology and a variable stitch design to reduce hand fatigue

News Facilities Maintenance
December 14, 2012  

Food processors have new level of small-portion control

Handtmann launches the new 16-vane Handtmann VF 624 for small portion, small-calibre cooked snack sticks

News Facilities Maintenance
December 7, 2012  

New feature can handle more

Standard-Knapp’s new film feed module for its Continuum line incorporates a direct drive that can ensure efficient operation and durability

News Facilities Maintenance
December 3, 2012  

Reduce the sugar

Tate & Lyle’s new stevia sweetener, Tasteva, can halve the sugar used by food processors

News Facilities Maintenance
November 27, 2012  

A vitamin K ingredient now self-affirmed GRAS

Frutarom’s new UniK2 ingredient can be used in dairy, baked and functional foods

News Facilities Maintenance Research & Development
November 20, 2012  

Give it natural colour

Sensient Colors expands its Microfine technology to offer more shades and natural alternatives

News Facilities Maintenance
November 11, 2012  

Add a clean label starch

The Novation Endura series of starches from Ingredion has a high process tolerance, requires no masking and may appear on packaging as starch or corn starch

News Beverages Facilities Maintenance Food Trends
November 5, 2012  

Taste Test: Consumer product reviews

Food in Canada’s consumer panel reviews The PoP Shoppe’s new line of canned beverages

News Business Operations Facilities Maintenance Food Trends
November 5, 2012  

Virgo’s SupplySide previews upcoming SupplySide West

Attendees get organized and make the most of the largest SupplySide West to-date

News Facilities Maintenance
November 1, 2012  

System can help stabilize applications that use omega-3s

Kalsec Inc’s new Duralox Oxidation Management System can provide oxidative stability and product development opportunities

News Facilities Maintenance
October 30, 2012  

Steam control

The Dynamic Cloud Control steam control system from FTNON and Eckert can offer between 30 and 90 per cent savings in energy costs

News Business Operations Facilities Maintenance
October 26, 2012  

Connecting air circulation and cost savings

Large-diameter, low-speed fans can improve plant energy efficiency, product consistency and comfort for food and beverage manufacturers

News Facilities Maintenance Food Safety
October 22, 2012  

Cleaning equipment now available in Canada

Atesco Industrial Hygiene in B.C. now offers a new generation of brushware and anti-microbial cleaning tools from the U.K.