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December 9, 2013  

Meet shelf life challenge naturally

Oxikan from Kancor North America is a range of natural antioxidants that can increase shelf life in products without the use of chemical ingredients

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December 3, 2013  

Be gone, acrylamide

Novozymes has introduced Acrylaway HighT, a solution that can help reduce the formation of acrylamide in foods that are processed at very high temperatures

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November 26, 2013  

Company develops system for deboning dark meat

The OPTI-LTD system from Foodmate can debone whole legs, thighs and drumstricks

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November 19, 2013  

Keep it cold

The new X4 Series from Carrier Transicold can deliver high refrigeration capacity in a trailer refrigeration platform

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November 11, 2013  

Continental Ingredients Canada has a new partner

Roquette has announced a partnership with Continental Ingredients Canada, who will now service Roquette products in Canada

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November 1, 2013  

Trim it!

Bettcher Industries developed, tested and has now launched a simpler and more productive meat trimming system called Quantum

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October 29, 2013  

How low can you go

Soda-Lo from Tate & Lyle can help various food manufacturers reduce sodium by up to 50 per cent

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October 22, 2013  

Microsize ingredient packs a lot of punch

Roquette America’s microalgae-based food ingredients offer high protein and high fibre

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October 4, 2013  

Spray on antimicrobial

Beefxide, Porkxide and Lambxide from Birko are antimicrobial interventions that can be sprayed on to reduce bacteria

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October 1, 2013  

It’s a piece of cake

Cargill – together with Horizon Milling – offers SimplyClean Vanilla Cake Concentrate, a ready-to-go solution

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October 1, 2013  

High-performance films

Klöckner Pentaplast’s new Pentafood BPET films offer esthetic appeal and can be used in temperatures as low as -40˚C

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September 23, 2013  

Enzyme saves your dough from stickiness

When working with whole-wheat dough, DuPont Danisco’s POWERBake 9500 offers industrial bakers improved bread crumb softness and better bread shape

News Facilities Maintenance Food Safety
September 17, 2013  

Tags help stop food fraud

TruTag Technologies offers sensors that can offer food manufacturers more security against food tampering

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September 6, 2013  

On the Shelf!

Our latest listing of new consumer products now hitting the Canadian market

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September 6, 2013  

Company offers cocoa without the fat

ADM Cocoa’s new deZaan reduce fat cocoa powder offers the flavour and colour of chocolate but with virtually no fat

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September 3, 2013  

Freeze it!

Klöckner Pentaplast offers Pentafood BPET films for frozen foods

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August 27, 2013  

Pack it up!

The Versatron Case Packer from Standard-Knapp offers gentle and consistent handling

News Facilities Maintenance Food Safety
August 20, 2013  

Gloves offer worker safety

Ansell’s line of VersaTouch gloves and sleeves offer advanced cut-resistant technology

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August 14, 2013  

Intelligent handling

Handtmann’s new fully automated revolving 3-nozzle PVLH 246 and PVLS 143 AL systems offer more efficiency and intelligent handling in sausage production

News Facilities Maintenance Food Safety
August 8, 2013  

Flame pasteurizing sizzles

A breakout solution for pathogen control increases shelf life and productivity of RTE meats

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August 7, 2013  

Who’s your food safety hero?

NSF-GFTC’s 2nd annual Food Safety Recognition Awards

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July 30, 2013  

3M Canada helps fight Listeria

Offers fast, accurate and cost-effective way to detect foodborne pathogens

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July 29, 2013  

Clean label, great taste and texture

Ingredion highlights new NOVATION Endura series at IFT 2013

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July 26, 2013  

Keep it cold

The new X4 Series from Carrier Transicold can deliver high refrigeration capacity in a trailer refrigeration platform

News Facilities Maintenance
July 22, 2013  

Slice it up!

The new RS-10 Slicer from Ross Industries slices whole muscle products down to uniform slices – quickly and accurately

News Facilities Maintenance
July 16, 2013  

Cool it

Ross Industries’ new Boundary Layer Control Impingement Tunnel offers a hygienic design, and improved sanitation and food safety

News Facilities Maintenance
July 8, 2013  

Detect it

Eriez offers its E-Z Tec DSP Narrow Profile Liquid Line Metal Detectors

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July 2, 2013  

Sharp detection

Safeline X-ray’s X33 series X-ray systems from Mettler Toledo offers a system for small- and medium-packaged products

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June 21, 2013  

Mill it, size it

The Quadro Comil offers size reduction, deagglomeration and dispersion features

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June 18, 2013  

Extract it!

Supercritical Fluid Technologies has released a new supercritical extractor for processing natural foods

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June 11, 2013  

Express Salmonella detection

A new system from 3M Food Safety is its 3M Petrifilm Salmonella Express System, a new pathogen detection technology

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June 3, 2013  

Measure it

DeltaTRAK’s stable of thermometers can cover off almost any situation, offering units that monitor environmental and processing conditions of food