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  • Hottest trend in foodservice? Craft beer

    February 27, 2017 by Deanna Rosolen

    According to a recent survey conducted by Restaurants Canada – craft beer and microbrews are here to stay. The survey asks chefs across Canada to list the hottest trends in foodservice

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    RC Show 2017

    February 26, 2017 by Deanna Rosolen

    Restaurants Canada Show 2017. Improve your business operations and make new connections. Discover cutting-edge products, trending food and drink, unique networking opportunities and off-site experiences. Shop, taste, learn, connect and grow your business.

  • Restaurants Canada’s 2016 chef survey results revealed

    February 10, 2016 by Food in Canada

    Craft beer takes the number-1 spot in hot trends for the second year in a row, while “house-made condiments/sauces” appears on the list for the first time