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Outcast Foods partners with U.S. nonprofit Rethink Food

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Outcast Foods is partnering with Rethink Food, a New York-based nonprofit with the mission to create a more sustainable and equitable food system.

Founded in 2017 by chef Matt Jozwiak, who saw first-hand how much good food from restaurants goes under-utilized, Rethink Food developed a process to transform excess food from restaurants, corporate kitchens and grocery stores into nutritious meals for communities facing food insecurity, and distribute them via community-based organizations. This has since evolved into a multi-pronged solution to address food insecurity, including tapping into a city’s rich network of restaurants, bakeries and catering companies to help feed their local communities.

Outcast came together with Rethink Food with shared values around addressing food insecurity and reducing food waste. Outcast products will be donated and served at Rethink Food’s pay-what-you-can Cafe and supplement meals prepared at the Rethink Commissary Kitchen. The Commissary team will incorporate everything from the Outcast’s Protein Powders to their new single ingredients, which include beet, apple, kale, broccoli and blueberry powders.

Founder and CEO of Rethink Food, Matt Jozwiak, said, “As we continue to be responsive to the needs of our communities and mobilize our efforts in creating nutritious, sustainable solutions, we’re proud to collaborate with a brand who is working to be part of the food insecurity solution and whose support will directly help feed local communities.”


Dr. Darren Burke, founder and CEO, Outcast Foods added, “We are witnessing an important consumer shift as the world continues to discover and adopt upcycling as a concept. To that end, we are proud to partner with an organization like Rethink Food who is innovating with upcycling to create accessible options for communities. This is the genesis of our company, so it makes this relationship especially gratifying.”

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