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An industry first – Zero Waste Kit with Fresh Prep meal kits in Canada

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Canadian meal kit provider Fresh Prep has launched of a first-of-its-kind Zero Waste Kit that will combat the issue of excessive single-use plastic used in meal kit subscription boxes.

Every year, Canadians throw away 3 million tonnes of plastic waste and about 29,000 tonnes of plastic finds its way into our natural environment. One culprit can be found in the increasingly popular meal delivery kits – these services have seen a huge increase in interest worldwide and traditionally rely on individual ingredients wrapped in single-use plastic and come housed in a cardboard box with nonrecyclable plastic ice packs.

These meal kits have proven to be a pain point for those looking for convenient meal options without being wasteful, which is why Fresh Prep is tackling the issue head-on. Fresh Prep’s innovative Zero Waste Kit is delivered (by local drivers) in a reusable, insulated bag, and the ingredients are pre-portioned out in a reusable container made with BPA-free, reusable plastic and silicon parts.


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