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Resistant starch potato ingredient Solnul earns Upcycled Certification

By Food in Canada Staff   

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MSP Starch Products, a Canadian-based starch producer, receives Upcycled Certified status for its patented Solnul resistant potato starch ingredient after meeting the standards set forth by the Upcycled Foods Association (UFA). MSP is one of the first Canadian companies and Solnul, is one of the first resistant starch ingredients, to be certified.

MSP upcycles resistant starch from the potato processing industry and converts it into their value-added ingredient, Solnul. It is then sold to science-forward brands to elevate their food, beverage and dietary supplement innovations.

“Public health research continues to validate resistant starch as a valuable nutrient deficient in modern diets,” said Jason Leibert, chief growth officer at MSP. “We’re about mitigating food waste, rescuing a nutrient [resistant starch] and using it to its highest value by feeding the microbiome. Solnul can exceed consumer demand for research-supported, whole food and clean label fibres while helping brands reach their corporate environmental, social and governance [ESG] goals. This certification will be huge for us, our customers and the Canadian Agri-foods sector as a whole. Canada is ready with verified supply chains and ample supply.”


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