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June 22, 2011  

Viterra acquires U.S. pulse producer

Saskatchewan-based agribusiness giant Viterra buys Premier Pulses International

News Fruit & Vegetables Facilities Maintenance Research & Development
June 3, 2011  

Ottawa firm builds continent’s first food-only gamma irradiator

Irradiator to be used to rid Mexican fruit of pests

News Fruit & Vegetables Business Operations
September 8, 2010  

Canadian pulse crop producer acquires company in Australia

Alliance Grain Traders Inc. (AGTI) is acquiring Northern Yorke

News Fruit & Vegetables Business Operations Research & Development
June 29, 2010  

Mission explores opportunities to share food-processing technology

A delegation of government, industry, science and university officials

News Fruit & Vegetables Business Operations Regulation
April 27, 2010  

Feds form partnerships with China

In April, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada announced new agricultural

News Fruit & Vegetables Grain & Oilseed Milling Food Safety Regulation Research & Development
April 7, 2010  

Improving Berry Shelf Life

A new research study by the Ontario Berry Growers’

News Fruit & Vegetables Exporting & Importing Research & Development
July 31, 2009  

Study on Organics Raises Controversy

A new U.K. review of studies on organic and

News Fruit & Vegetables Business Operations
July 14, 2009  

Pepper Farmer Establishes Food Bank Initiative

Producer Peter Quiring Peter Quiring, founder and president of

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January 20, 2009  

New Consumer Products – October 2008

• Natunola Health Inc. has launched Natunola Health’s Delight