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Winnipeg R&D on Soy Protein isolate

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A confluence of trends in the food industry bodes very well for the success of a new soy protein isolate – labelled Clarisoy – that was unveiled in early November by Burcon NutraScience Corporation.

“We are fortunate that our product has come on stream at a time when animal proteins are increasing in price as demand grows in China, India and Russia,” says Burcon president and COO Johann F. Tergesen. “As well, consumers today are more concerned about sustainability and health. That is also to the benefit of Clarisoy.”

Clarisoy has been in development at Burcon’s R&D facility in Winnipeg for 10 years. “We originally thought it would take two years and an investment of about $3 million,” says Tergesen. “Our investment cost was about $30 million.”

Tergesen explains that there are two types of protein ingredients – concentrates are greater than 65 per cent protein, while isolates are more than 90 per cent protein. Archer Midland Daniels (ADM) dominates the concentrate market while Dupont, in partnership with Bungee, have the lion’s share of the isolate market. Clarisoy is an isolate and is 100-per-cent soluble and transparent in acidic beverages such as energy drinks and fruit juices, as well as various food products. It is also a less costly alternative to dairy protein ingredients.


“As Burcon is strictly an R&D company, we are in discussion with major processors to mass produce Clarisoy for the market,” says Tergesen.

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