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Loryma develops a “vegetable chicken skin”

February 10, 2022   by Food in Canada staff

Research & Development

The creation of an authentic, vegetable “chicken skin” – not yet on the market in this form – is achieved by ingredient specialist Loryma with the help of a specially developed wheat-based coating system.

It is applied as a flowable oil-in-water emulsion to the shaped imitation meat by means of conventional coating technology, as used in wet panades.

The contained functional mixture of wheat proteins, starches and gelling agent creates an elastic, irreversible, thin surface coating that reproduces chicken skin and becomes crispy during the final preparation. The coating also protects the meat alternative inside from drying out.

Norbert Klein, head of product development at Loryma, said, “Recreating crispy chicken skin with purely vegetable ingredients was a real challenge, yet we are more than satisfied with the final concept. It’s just right for everyone who wants to give up meat but not this classic treat.”



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