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HelloFresh study shows 87 per cent of Canadians prefer home cooked meals to restaurant food

Kristy Nudds   

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Meal-kit company HelloFresh released the results of its recent survey on the home cooking habits of Canadians. The study surveyed 1,000 Canadian respondents to reveal these key kitchen insights:

  • Roughly four in five (87 per cent) of Canadians prefer homemade meals to the meals served in restaurants. This is despite the rapidly increasing restaurant options and the recent food delivery boom in major cities.
  • Respondents in other countries, like the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, and New Zealand, were also surveyed with the same questions. Results showed that Canadians, along with Belgians, are most likely to clean up right after cooking.
  • Canadians enjoy home cooking more than any of the other countries surveyed.
  • 28 per cent of respondents feel that listening to music while cooking seems to increase your chances of getting compliments on your food
  • HelloFresh Canada customers love to find the perfect recipe. They ranked meal selection as one of their favourite parts of the cooking experience.
  • Of all the respondents surveyed, recipe knowledge is limited: 42 per cent of people know fewer than eight recipes off the top of their heads.





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