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Functional foods company Rritual Superfoods of Vancouver announces R&D division

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Functional foods company Rritual Superfoods of Vancouver announces Chief Innovation Officer Stacey Gillespie has launched the Company’s Research and Development division, establishing best practices toward the development of a category -leading product pipeline.  “Stacey’s expertise and depth of knowledge has made an immediate impact, resulting in the establishment of an approach to product development based on best practices and the spirit of innovation for our customers,” said Mr. David Kerbel, Rritual CEO. “As a result, Rritual is now armed with an innovative and highly responsive product development program designed to capitalize on emerging product categories to satisfy consumer demand for products incorporating ‘Superfood’ ingredients.”

As Rritual aims to define the functional superfoods sector, the Company has put in place the leadership and expertise to create organizational knowledge for the long term in its approach to product development in serving the end consumer. “Rritual has embraced the concept of being a consumer centred enterprise, and as it relates to product development that means we begin with an understanding of consumer desires and industry trends from our research and relationships, and we design and commercialize our products to meet those desires and trends on a timely basis,” said Stacey Gillespie, Rritual Chief Innovation Officer.

Rritual now deploys a process for product development that blends best practices with agility to identify categories with high growth potential, including its flagship mushrooms and adaptogens product line, and innovative products such as the following from the Company’s Product Pipeline for Q2/Q3:

  • Vegan Chai Rose Latte Collagen Booster: Collagen-Booster Rose Chai Latte Powder made with tremella, reishi, aloe vera and other beautifying superfoods in a skin-hydrating & vegan cream base.
  • Mood & Energy Ube Matcha Latte Powder: Made with Cordyceps, lion’s mane, matcha & purple/blue hue super foods (ube purple sweet pea powder, purple pea flower, blue spirulina) broad-spectrum of prebiotic superfoods of purple sweet potato powder, lucuma, and inulin which combined support a healthy microbiome so you can trust your gut again.
  • Superfood Vegan Creamer: Made with vegan cream base and proprietary immune-synergy blend with key adaptogenic botanicals.
  • Ready to Drink Beverages: Powered by adaptogenic botanicals and enhanced with organic exotic superfruits and prebiotic fibers to support a healthy microbiome which in turn helps support a healthy immune system, digestive function, and a positive outlook. These beverages will provide clean and pure refreshment to replenish the body and mind.

This new line of innovative products will tap into the developing and recently announced distribution agreements that will be carrying Rritual’s full flagship product line. As a result, these new products will have exposure to major wellness retailers and sales platforms including CrossMark.


Functional foods and “Superfoods” are foods that offer maximum nutritional benefits and are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They can possess unique properties that boost immunity, improve brain function, and more. “As an emerging category, consumer interest for Superfoods is building rapidly, and Rritual in embracing a consumer centric model is cognizant of the opportunity that exists to educate consumers in addition to providing them with a line of products that are differentiated, efficacious and most importantly taste good,” added Stacey.

Rritual product offerings are all USDA-certified organic and are a caffeine-free option that can be mixed with other beverages or enjoyed by itself. Rritual’s proprietary Immune-Synergy Six Mushroom Blend is the only functional health product on the market that contains a daily prebiotic blend which nourishes a healthy gut microbiome and facilitates balanced digestive function.

About Rritual

Rritual is a functional superfood company that creates plant-based elixirs, which support immunity, focus and relaxation. The company is poised to dominate a segment where demand and sales are growing exponentially. Under the executive leadership with over 100 years of CPG pedigree, Rritual is launching in North America in Q2 2021 as the company positions itself as a leader in the functional health and wellness industry. Rritual’s superfood elixirs can be found online at

Functional Foods Market

According to Grandview Research*, it is estimated that the global functional food market is projected to reach $275 billion by 2025, growing at 7.9% each year with consumers putting more emphasis on health and wellness.


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