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Eat Beyond’s TurtleTree Labs launches firm to develop cell-based protein and more

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US and Singapore-based Eat Beyond Global Holdings, an investment issuer focused on the global plant-based and alternative food sector, is announcing that its portfolio company, TurtleTree Labs has launched TurtleTree Scientific.

TurtleTree Labs is a global leader in cell-based milk and is shaping the future of dairy milk and infant nutrition using its proprietary, cell-based technology method to produce milk and milk components sustainably.

TurtleTree Scientific is focused on working with cell-based meat companies on the production of food-grade growth factors to build the foundation that the cultured food industry needs to thrive. The same factors, such as EGF, FGF and TGF-B that are used for cell-based milk, can also be used for cell-based meat.

“We’ve recognised this need for a while now, our scientists have been working on developing food grade versions of these growth factors with higher performance, higher purity and lower cost. All our hard work thus far has culminated in the proud launch of TurtleTree Scientific” said Fengru Lin, CEO of TurtleTree Labs.


Cell culture media and growth factors remain one of the biggest hurdles for cultured food producers due to the high cost of the product. According to the Good Food Institute (GFI), cell culture media and growth factors contribute around 55-95% of the marginal cost of cell based food production. With the first commercial approval of cell-based meat by Singapore Food Agency recently, the prospect of cellular agriculture becoming part of the food chain is closer than ever. This is a tremendous opportunity to reinvent the cell culture media and growth factors for cellular agriculture.

“The race is on for cost-effective growth in the cellular agriculture arena and we think this latest development at TurtleTree positions them as a true leader,” said Patrick Morris, CEO of Eat Beyond. “We are very excited about the launch of TurtleTree Scientific and believe that this team has the potential to lead this emerging industry. Singapore is the leading hub for this technology and a highly strategic region for Eat Beyond. It is the first country that has approved the sale of cultured meat products.”

About Eat Beyond Global Holdings – Eat Beyond Global Holdings Inc. is an investment issuer that makes it easy to invest in the future of food. Eat Beyond identifies and makes equity investments in global companies that are developing and commercializing innovative food tech as well as plant-based and alternative food products. Led by a team of food industry experts, Eat Beyond is the first issuer of its kind in Canada, providing retail investors with the unique opportunity to participate in the growth of a broad cross-section of opportunities in the alternative food sector, and access companies that are leading the charge toward a smarter, more secure food supply. Learn more:

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