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The Canadian Food Innovation Network (CFIN) invests $533,355 into six projects valued at over $1M through the organization’s Innovation Booster program.

The Innovation Booster funding recipients are Plan Automation (Bolton, Ont.), Suppli (Toronto), Forward Water Technologies (Toronto), Radish Co-operative (Montreal), Cascadia Seaweed (Sidney, B.C.), and Escarpment Laboratories (Guelph, Ont.).

Plan Automation receives $100,000 for piloting the world’s first fully automated reclamation technology that can detect and reclaim foreign matter from packaged food and beverage products.

Suppli gets $100,000 to build out the technology needed to streamline the management of reusable food packaging to scale their operations across different geographies and other packaging verticals.


Forward Water Technologies receives $97,773 to develop an entirely new, food-safe line of equipment for cold concentration of foodstuffs, resulting in up to 10x the concentration capability of reverse osmosis.

Radish Co-operative earns $95,549 for developing a lightweight digital twin system that will enable restaurants to easily monitor and predict their inventory stores, with a focus on accessibility and accuracy.

Cascadia Seaweed receives $73,771 to find ways to extend the shelf-life of fresh seaweed while developing and scaling-up processes that can help Canada produce more value-added innovative seaweed products for international markets.

Escarpment Laboratories has been awarded $63,262 for producing Canada’s first commercial tempeh and koji cultures.

“These six projects are prime examples of the breadth of exciting food innovation that’s happening here in Canada. CFIN is extremely excited to fund homegrown, innovative solutions that have the potential to reduce emissions, increase domestic production, and establish Canada as a global leader in new and emerging food sectors,” said Joseph Lake CEO, CFIN.

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