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The award-winner ‘Eggs Anytime – It’s Not Weird’ marketing campaign expands

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Egg Farmers of Canada/Get Cracking has started rolling out the first of three new quick-witted TV ads developed by Cossette, which expand on the memorable and much loved Eggs Anytime ‘It’s Not Weird’ campaign. The original campaign garnered several accolades from Marketing awards and Shopper Innovation+Activation awards, and both the new and original campaigns aim to encourage Canadians to enjoy eggs at any meal of the day.

There is an upwards trend in egg consumption in Canada in recent years. One in 5 Canadians say they are eating more eggs than before and some are doubling their weekly consumption. Harnessing this growing appetite for eggs and the desire for new, quick and easy meals, the latest ‘It’s Not Weird’ campaign is there to remind all Canadians – especially young singles, men, professional couples, young families and baby boomers – just how quick and easy eggs are to prepare for lunch, dinner or as a snack and how affordable and nutritious eggs are.

Key learnings from the ‘It’s Not Weird’ marketing platform have gone into the creation of the 2021 strategy, including delicious egg recipe ideas that match up with different meal times throughout the day, plus some new strategies to reach new audiences.

For the first of the new ads, visit here.



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