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Roquette adds new plant-based proteins

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Roquette is launching two new plant-based textured proteins to an existing range of two textured pea proteins. One of the new proteins is made from peas and the other is from fava beans. Visitors at Food Ingredients Europe will be the first to taste the new ingredients through a selection of unique recipes recently developed by Roquette.

Taste and texture performance, improved nutritional profile, diversity of meat alternative types, are the key requested features to further innovate in the meat alternative sector. By diversifying the sources of proteins, Roquette aims at supporting food companies with high-added-value solutions for this fast-growing market.

Roquette has worked for several years to study the next generations of plant-based proteins to identify the most effective and sustainable sources and to respond to the needs of food producers. Among the pulses, fava bean (Vicia faba L.) is a valuable crop. It is a rich source of proteins and fibres but it is also gluten and GMO-free and not a major allergen. In addition and like the yellow pea, fava bean culture is environmentally friendly.

The new ingredients, named NUTRALYS TP-C (from peas) and NUTRALYS TF-C (from fava beans) are expanding Roquette’s existing range. They open up the new taste and texture options and foster further plant-based alternatives, such as plant-based fish products like “fish rillettes.”


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