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Not Just for Pharma Anymore: rfxcel Extends Track & Trace Solutions to Food & Beverage

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rfxcel recently announced that it is extending its leading-edge track and trace solutions to the food and beverage industry. The company has served the pharmaceutical industry with integrated track and trace software, and said in a release that it is now offering its solutions to offer the food and beverage industry farm to fork product visibility.

“Like pharma, the food and beverage industry is under a tremendous amount of pressure to deliver products free of contamination, adulteration, fraud, and diversion,” Glenn Abood, CEO of rfxcel, said in a release. “Their supply chain operations must be lean, reliable, and automated in such a way that the supply chain learns and adapts quickly.”

Abood said that it makes sense for the company to offer its solutions to the food and beverage industry, and that its entry into this segment “is a continuation of our founding principle, which is to deliver safe products to consumers.”

Rfxcel’s complete end-to-end solution offers food and beverage traceability, serialization processing, ingredients traceability, finished goods traceability, compliance management, blockchain enabler, and environmental monitoring. The environmental tool is award-winning and helps protect products from contamination and enables the quick identification of products for recalls.


The company said its solutions give suppliers and retailers the ability to optimize their supply chains and keep the food in their supply chains safe, as well as enable the tracking of ingredients and raw materials through to finished goods, by lot or by item.



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