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New line of plant-based butter and cheeses to be released from Future of Cheese

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Organic Garage, one of Canada’s independent organic grocers, announces that its newly acquired plant-based food company, Future of Cheese is proceeding to enter commercial production.  The first products, which the Company plans to launch with domestic retail and food service partners this spring, will include a cultured plant-based butter, followed by a cream cheese and a variety of some of the most popular and highly consumed cheeses, made from only the best quality, sustainably and ethically sourced plant-based ingredients. The Company believes the initial offering of its line of butters will not only be adopted by consumers of all dietary preferences, but by the food services industry as well, as a healthy, sustainable substitute for conventional dairy based butters.

“Side by side our plant-based butter tastes and performs in the kitchen as well as conventional dairy based butters,” stated Craig Harding, Co-Founder and Culinary Director of Future of Cheese. “The appetite for plant-based dairy alternatives continues to rapidly grow, and products like ours that deliver the same flavour and cooking traits as traditional dairy-based products will quickly become leaders in this multi-billion-dollar industry.”

According to a Fior Markets report, the global vegan butter market is expected to grow to USD 1.77 billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 4.65% during the forecast period of 2019-2026.

“We are very excited to be nearing the point when Organic Garage customers will be able to purchase and experience The Future of Cheese products, and what we believe is the future of non-dairy food alternatives,” stated Matt Lurie, CEO of Organic Garage.


About Future of Cheese

The Future of Cheese Inc is a Canadian plant-based cheese innovator and manufacturer led by one of the world’s best and recognized cheese makers, along with one of Canada’s top chefs, and supported by a team of science minds and sustainability experts. Utilizing unique aging and manufacturing processes, a well-established distribution network and high-profile marketing channels, the Company is set to disrupt the rapidly growing plant-based dairy alternatives market, paving the way for the future of cheese! For more information please visit the Future of Cheese website at

About Organic Garage Ltd.

Organic Garage is one of Canada’s leading independent organic grocers and is committed to offering its customers a wide selection of healthy and natural products at everyday affordable prices. The Company’s stores are in prime retail locations designed to give customers an inclusive, unique and value-focused grocery shopping experience. Founded in 2005 by a fourth-generation grocer, Organic Garage is headquartered in Toronto. The Company is focused on continuing to expand its retail footprint within the Greater Toronto Area. For more information please visit the Organic Garage website at


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