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Montreal’s WILDER HARRIER takes dog food sustainability to the next level

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Wilder Harrier, a Montreal brand known for making alternative protein pet food with a low environmental footprint, is launching a dog food made from Asian carp. This innovative product is now distributed in most Quebec pet supplies stores. The food will be available in the rest of Canada starting in January 2021. You can also order it online at and have the product delivered directly to your home.

Wilder Harrier’s exciting adventure began in Montreal in 2014 when one of the co-founders came across a UN study suggesting that insect protein could be a solution to many of our food supply problems. After months of research and development to perfect their recipe, the brand launched its first product in November 2016: cricket protein dog biscuits.

Today, other ingredients such as farmed black soldier flies, seaweed from the GaspĂ© Peninsula, and leftover pulp from Montreal juice manufacturer LOOP, have been incorporated into a complete portfolio of innovative dog products. These recipes are all prepared locally, with allergen-free and environmentally friendly ingredients. The company’s dog food, treats and dental sticks are now available in stores and online.

Dog food meets environmental protection


In addition to offering an innovative and nutritious protein that’s excellent for dog health, the new Asian carp product is helping to protect our local lakes and rivers from invasive carp. “We’re proud of providing dog owners with an eco-friendly alternative. From now on, they’ll be able to ensure the well-being of their faithful companions while taking action for the environment,” said Phil Poirier, co-founder of Wilder Harrier.

The Montreal company is working with American fishermen to incorporate Asian carp into its original recipe, as they continue to migrate towards and invade Quebec rivers. By developing this expertise, Wilder Harrier aims to become a Canadian leader in the fight against these undesirable fish that threaten indigenous species and their habitat.
Wilder Harrier, a revolution in canine nutrition








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