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DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences Launches new GRINDSTED® PLANT-TEX for plant-based meat alternatives

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DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences has debuted naturally-sourced GRINDSTED® PLANT-TEX egg white replacement system for plant-based meat alternatives suitable for anyone wanting to reduce their consumption of meat and able to obtain a vegan claim.

GRINDSTED® PLANT-TEX MA1201 for Burger Patties boosts protein content for health profiling and improves taste of final product in various aspects – from juiciness and umami flavor, yet salt-reduction to meat-like texture and juice bite in burgers and meatballs.

At the same time PLANT-TEX MA1301 for Cooked Sausages provides superior texture with excellent shape maintenance, meat-like juicy or even premium “snappy” bite of cooked sausages regardless of being hot or cold.

Finally, the PLANT-TEX MA1110 for Cold Cuts allows for vegan deli ham with an authentic taste and superior texture.


PLANT-TEX is cholesterol and allergen free and has no ingredients of animal origin. It increases food safety by natural elimination of risk of bird flu or Salmonella.

Linda Yvonne Friis, global business development manager, DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences, said the system has characteristics similar to egg white, making it easy to use in production by adding directly into the mix.

The products are currently offered in Europe, the Middle East and Africa but will be available worldwide in 2020.



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