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Campbell’s Trepuree texture-modified foods are now available for home consumption

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A healthcare and hospitality staple for over 20 years, Trepuree® has announced the availability of its in-demand meal products for home consumption via online channels. The Campbell’s® Trepuree® Variety Pack is now available at

“Direct consumer availability of texture modified foods would mean more control and easier access for consumers who are looking to purchase these products,” says Canadian Registered Dietitian May Jung. “This direct access to Trepuree means an additional option for people who require texture modified foods.”

From Beef Old Fashioned with Green Beans & Homestyle Potatoes to Turkey a La King with Buttered Peas and Pasta, Trepuree foods are designed to provide nutrients in quality and delicious flavour options. Trepuree is also safe for consumption for those who experience difficulty chewing or other symptoms that can cause digestive difficulty.

“Trepuree entrees provide the protein, starch, and vegetable portions of a meal in a quick and convenient package. I usually recommend ready-prepared, texture-modified entrees for people who may not have social supports to puree the foods they cook at home or people who do not have time to cook,” adds May.


Trepuree now offers a Variety Pack which includes 24 entrees with two of each of 12 different meals that contain protein (poultry, meat, fish, or cheese) and vegetables. Each meal is individually quick-frozen in heat-and-serve dishes that are easy to cook and serve at home along with optimal moisture, and aroma retention for an enjoyable meal.
Simultaneously with this consumer-facing roll-out, hospitals and other healthcare facilities across the country will continue to serve Trepuree to patients and residents across Canada.

For more information on Trepuree texture-modified products, including nutritional information, pick-up, home delivery options, and more, visit

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