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Protein Industries Canada and partners launch sector roadmap


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Protein Industries Canada (PIC), in collaboration with several partners, launched a sector roadmap for Canada’s plant-based food, feed and ingredients sector. The roadmap outlines key actions that will help the sector reach its goals in a strategic manner, including supplying the ingredients for 10 per cent of the global plant-based food products by 2035.

Initiated by PIC and compiled with input and feedback from industry representatives from across Canada, the sector roadmap was developed based on the needs and capabilities of companies, organizations, academics and researchers across the country. It prioritizes a collaborative approach to advancing the sector, particularly in the areas of innovation, scale-up and prosperity.

“Our sector is on the edge of an incredible opportunity, but it will take a co-ordinated effort to achieve it,” PIC CEO Bill Greuel said. “We believe that by 2035, Canada can expect upwards of $25 billion a year in annual sales from plant-based food, feed and ingredients. To put that in perspective, right now we generate about $3 billion in sales – not including canola crush and wheat milling. The sector roadmap outlines the ideal outcomes and recommended actions necessary to help get us there, while highlighting how our sector can build on its strengths to achieve our goals and those of Canada as a whole.”

By focusing on continued innovation, supporting the scale-up of production and ensuring Canadian organizations can prosper, the roadmap will help meet some of society’s most pressing issues, including climate change, food security and health, while creating jobs and driving economic growth for Canada.


To help guide implementation and advancement of the roadmap, PIC and its partners have established an advisory committee. This committee is made up of industry leaders from across the value chain.

The Road to $25 Billion is a 15-year plan to help guide the continued growth of Canada’s plant-based food, feed and ingredient ecosystem. Over the next year, the roadmap will continue to be refined and rolled out, with next steps coming including the setting of benchmarks and targets, implementations of actions and more on advice from the advisory committee.

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