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Earthcycle plastic-free packaging meets Australian home compost standard

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CKF has expanded its international accreditations for responsible end of life disposal of packaging by meeting the Australian Home Compostability standard, AS 5810 (2010) for the Earthcycle line of produce packaging.  The packaging was tested by the recognized and accredited third-party lab, OWS N.V and proven to meet the stringent guidelines, including 90% biodegration and no toxic effect on compost.

CKF is now in the process of applying for the Australian seedling logo for its customers to display on retail packaging.

Obtaining the Australian certification for home compostability is critical for the expansion of Earthcycle packaging in the region, including for one of CKF’s major clients, Fresh Berry Co Pty Ltd.  “Proof that Earthcycle meets Australian standards for home compostability sets us even further apart from competition—not only do we have a package that is 90% less plastic for our superior tasting berries and tomatoes, but we now have a package that meets stringent retailer requirements for certifications”, says John Pettinella, Product Development Director at  Fresh Berry Co.  “We introduced the CKF product to the Australian market three years ago confident in the knowledge that CKF would support our initiatives and meet the requirements specific to Australia. That confidence was certainly not misplaced and we are now in a position to provide further support to our retail customers with our fresh produce presented in a package their consumers can either home compost directly or recycle” adds Pettinella.

Earthcycle packaging resonates with the growing segment of consumers trying to reduce their use of single-use plastics and shop responsibly.  In a June 2019 global survey done by Accenture, 77% of those surveyed felt that plastic was the least environmentally friendly packaging and close to one-quarter of consumers choose to no longer purchase food that is packaged in plastic[1].


“CKF extended our list of independent environmental credentials to include the AS 5810 (2010) standards for home compostability for two reasons: we believe in the Australian market and we believe in Fresh Berry Co.” says Brad Dennis, Vice President, Sales and Marketing. “We recognize that international markets are unique in their approaches to sustainable packaging and for Australian growers and retailers, certification to home compostable standards developed by and for the Australian market was important to meet.  Furthermore, we want to support the pioneering work being done by Fresh Berry Co to develop the market for Earthcycle packaging in the country”.

Earthcycle produce packaging is also certified home compostable to European standards, is considered widely recyclable in waste paper streams and is FSC® (C145472) certified.  Earthcycle has an extensive product line of top seal punnets for soft fruit, tomatoes, grapes, and mushrooms along with industry standard trays that are used with flow wrap and over-wrap applications.

About CKF Inc.

CKF Inc. is a diversified Canadian-owned manufacturer that proudly offers a wide range of moulded pulp, foam, and PET products to meet the specific demands of retail consumers, food service operators and the packaging industry. CKF is a member of the Scotia Investments Family of Companies.

R.A. Jodrey established Canadian Keyes Fibre Company Limited in the summer of 1933, during the worst of the Great Depression years. The Company began with a single plant in Hantsport, NS – manufacturing pie plates and cake circles for bakeries. CKF has experienced uninterrupted growth since its establishment and now operates 5 plants across the country – Hantsport, Rexdale, two in Langley, and Delta – employing over 700 people. Nationally recognized brand Royal Chinet® is one of CKF’s best known products and stands as a symbol for many Canadians of family, friends and joyous occasions.


About Freshberry Co Pty Ltd.

Freshberry Co (FBC) is a third generation Market Wholesaler established in 1967 by Louie Pettinella “Dr Lou”. The Company still maintains a significant presence in the Melbourne Market and has traded there continuously since 1967. The Company offers year round supply of premium berries, tomatoes and other vegetables and services both wholesale and retail sectors.  Longevity is a hallmark of the FBC Family and the commitment of the Company to sustainable agriculture and packaging further supports this vision.


[1] Accenture Chemicals Global Consumer Sustainability Survey, 2019

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