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Danone partners with renowned Canadian street artist with a mural and limited-edition packaging

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Danone Canada’s Light & Free, its newly launched unconventional yogurt brand, has partnered with renowned Canadian street artist, Scott Martin, also known as Burnt Toast. The partnership includes a stunning hand-painted mural by Burnt Toast at Toronto’s Stackt market (located at 28 Bathurst Street) between September 21 and September 25 and limited-edition product packaging illustrated by the artist for the brand’s Watermelon, Cucumber & Lime flavour.

The Light & Free partnership celebrates local artists, like Burnt Toast, who march to their own drumbeat, promote positive self-expression and allow their most authentic selves to shine through.

As a brand that values individuality, inclusivity and diversity, Light & Free is passionate about supporting local Canadian artists, like Burnt Toast, who share a commitment to promoting likeminded messages. Through the partnership, Light & Free hopes to empower the unique individuality of all Canadians and inspire them to engage in a positive dialogue where differences only bring us closer together, enabling us to spark meaningful connections.

“It is incredibly important to me that my work reflects the beautiful diversity in our society, especially in today’s world,” says Martin. “When I was approached by Light & Free, I was inspired by the opportunity to help the brand tell its story. The mural and custom product packaging I’ve designed for Light & Free are about celebrating and embracing our differences and recognizing how they bring us closer together. As a Canadian artist, I am committed to doing my part to shine a spotlight on the wonderful diversity in our society and making sure individuals from all walks of life are celebrated.”

The mural created by Burnt Toast, all pastel-coloured and simple in its traits, reflects the artist’s signature style while embodying the spirit of the Light & Free brand. The piece depicts three individuals that have come together to celebrate each others’ uniqueness, sparking a connection through their differences. One of the characters has a spoon in his back pocket, a subtle nod Light & Free yogurt – typically enjoyed with a spoon. A heart emoji featured in the piece represents our modern way for showing love online – something he hopes his piece will inspire. Scott says that his style is all about being fun, cheeky and celebrating our daily surroundings and that this opportunity with Light & Free not only helped to support his craft during the pandemic, but also enabled him to develop artwork with a message that he is incredibly passionate about.


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