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Chosen Foods poised for expansion in Canada, with new branding

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Chosen Foods, the leading producer of 100% pure avocado oil and creator of avocado-inspired kitchen condiments like cooking sprays, mayos and dressings, announces an exciting new brand identity and product rollout in Canada. With new packaging and a fresh brand ethos, the redesign is poised to showcase the brand’s heritage and ignite a passionate community united in the celebration of pure avocado.

In just 10 years, San Diego, California-based Chosen Foods has been able to garner a cult following of avocado-obsessed fans across North America. What started with its flagship 100% pure avocado oil in Canada in 2014 has now evolved into a variety of classic mayos and new-tomarket infused cooking sprays and flavourful salad dressings/marinades. Featuring a diverse
product portfolio and an equally diverse company history, the brand is poised for expansion in Canada.

“We are thrilled to introduce a fresh, new look for Chosen Foods at an exciting time in the brand’s history,” says Gabriel Perez Krieb, Chairman and CEO, Chosen Foods. “Cultivating a new evolution for our avocado-forward brand was essential to better showcase our roots and heritage. It was important to enrich the way we communicate visually with consumers on shelf
and be able to provide them with simple ways to experience the culinary wonder of avocado.”

The new look pays homage to the sand, sun, ocean and Baja Mediterranean culture and lifestyle from which the avocado is born, creating a vibrant aesthetic that pops on store shelves. New packaging, designed in collaboration with Gestalt Brand Lab and Red Door Interactive of San Diego, is currently rolling out in Canada now.


New SKUs in Canada
As one of the fastest-growing health food companies in North America, Chosen Foods is constantly innovating in new categories and creating a platform for sustainable social change with avocados at the centre of it all. This year the brand will step into two new product categories in Canada: its Dressings line, with flavourful House and tahini-forward, avocado oilbased
Goddess Dressings, as well as a line of Infused Cooking Sprays. The existing avocado oil and Mayo lines will be expanded to include a Vegan and Organic version.

Chosen Foods’ House Dressings boast five delicious fan-favourite flavours, including Ranch,
Caesar, Lemon Garlic, Chipotle Ranch and Apple Cider Vinegar. Inspired by traditional Goddess
Dressings and bursting with flavour, the Baja, Earth, Greek, Golden and Garden Goddess
Dressings are vegan, made with pure avocado oil and are gluten-free, soy and canola-oil free,
with no added sugar. All ten dressings can be used as tasty marinades for proteins and
vegetables as well.

For those who already love Chosen Foods’ Avocado Oil Cooking Spray or Organic Avocado,
Coconut & Safflower Oil Cooking Spray, the brand’s Infused Cooking Sprays take convenience to
the next level, with three new flavour varieties: Garlic, Italian Herb and Chipotle. Combining
natural plant extracts with pure avocado oil creates a product pure enough to spray directly
onto veggies, to dress salads and to marinate meats. All sprays are free from chemicals,
emulsifiers and propellants.

As the leading Avocado Oil Mayo in Canada, Chosen Foods provides options for those seeking
the simplest, cleanest ingredients. The Mayo lineup now features Classic, Keto, Vegan and
Organic varieties to please all consumer preferences.
To support the new product rollout across Canada, Chosen Foods has hired GreenFresh
Marketing Inc. and LC3 Communications, both of Toronto, for Marketing and Media & Influencer
Relations activities in Canada, respectively.

Chosen Foods, the leading producer of 100% pure avocado oil from Mexico and creator of
avocado-inspired cooking sprays, mayos, and dressings, got its start in 2011. Grown from
nutrient-rich volcanic soil, Chosen Foods works in collaboration with over 1,000 farmers to grow
more than 350 million avocados per year. From dressings and marinades to mayo and oil sprays,
the Southern California-based brand focuses on creating great-tasting and accessible products
to elevate at-home cooking. Additionally, Chosen Foods builds collaborative partnerships with
organizations that take a community-wide, sustainable approach to alleviating hunger.

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