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39 products crowned Product of the Year

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The Product of the Year consumer-voted competition held its celebration on April 15, announcing 39 winners – many of the foods

Toronto – Thirty-nine products received the Product of the Year Canada seal of approval at a celebration on April 15.

Product of the Year is a consumer-voted award for product innovation. The competition operates in 39 countries. In Canada, the award is backed by the votes of thousands of Canadian consumers and can act as a shortcut for shoppers to save time and money.

The competition accepts entries from consumers products that demonstrate innovation in design, function or packaging and were launched within 18 months prior to the annual launch date (January 2013).

A jury of industry experts selects the finalists, which are then categorized and judged through an online survey of Canadian consumers (conducted by Rogers Custom Research group).


The winners in the food categories include:

• Beverage Packaging: Aronia by Golijska Aronia Inc.

• Breakfast Cereal: Lotus Fine Foods Quinoa Granola

• Canadian Spirits: Canadian Club Whiskey and Ginger Ale

• Condiments: Organika Organic Coconut Sauce

• Crispy Snacks: That’s How We Roll LLC, Veggie Dippin Chips

• Flavoured Spirits: Skinnygirl White Peach Margarita

• Food Packaging: That’s How We Roll LLC, Veggie Dippin Chips

• Fresh Packaged Burgers: Schneider’s Country Naturals Angus Burgers

• Fresh Packaged Sausages: Schneider’s Country Naturals Maple Syrup Countryside Pork Sausage in Natural Lamb Casing

• Frozen Snacks: Chapman’s Sport Lolly

• Fruit Based Blends: Aronia by Golijska Aronia Inc.

• Granola/Energy Bars: Quaker Harvest Quinoa Granola Bar

• Healthy Beverages: Aronia by Golijska Aronia Inc.

• Healthy Products: iögo 0% with stevia extract

• Healthy Snacks: Quaker Harvest Quinoa Granola Bar

• Milk Drinks: Milk2Go Sport

• Natural Health: Aronia by Golijska Aronia Inc.

• Pet Foods: Pet Valu Head to Tail

• Popcorn Snacks: Popcorn Indiana LLC, Fit Popcorn

• Prepared Foods: Longo’s Chicken Pad Thai Stir Fry

• Savory Snacks: Twistos Baked Snacks Bites – Balsamic Vinegar and Olive Oil

• Sweet Snacks: Templeman’s Cashew Butter Crunch

Photo: That’s How We Roll LLC, Veggie Dippin Chips

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