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Six Foods with a Twist from GIC

Birgit Blain   

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Success is often a matter of timing when launching unique products. If consumers don’t understand the concept, sales will be hard to come by. Piggybacking on strong trends helps consumers make a connection.

These six products showcased at Grocery Innovations Canada (GIC), introduce new tastes, convenience and healthier options – just what consumers are looking for.

GIC botanical waterBotanical infusions

neōb Niagara, a producer of essential oils, developed new technology to infuse purified water with flavours from essential oils. It was a two year project with the Canadian Food & Wine Institute. The result, neōb Botanical Sparkling Water, is naturally flavoured and gently carbonated, with zero sweeteners and calories. The clean, refreshing taste cleanses the palate with essence of lavender, lemon grass or rose geranium.



GIC cashew cheez

Nuts to cheez

With veganism, dairy avoidance and plant-based diets on the rise, the cheese category is expanding to include more dairy-free alternatives. Fauxmagerie Zengarry Creamy Cultured Cashew wheels and spreads deliver the taste of cheese without dairy. Although shelf life is short, these products can be frozen.

GIC roasted flaxFlax seed sensation

Canada is a leading producer of flax seed, which is popular for its nutritional benefits, especially omega-3, fibre and protein. A cholesterol reduction health claim for ground flax seed is permitted by Health Canada.

CanMar Grain Products uses a patented process to roast Canadian golden flax seed and bring out the nutty flavour and aroma. Fee Fi Fo Flax Golden Roasted Flax is produced in a nut-free and gluten-free facility. Add it to a wide variety of products to enhance the flavour and nutrition. Fee Fi Fo Flax Flax Bars have a delightful roasted, nutty, slightly sweet flavour and crunchy, chewy texture.

GIC egg bakesBreakfast anytime

Egg consumption is on an upward trend as Canadians increase protein in their diets. All-day breakfast is growing in popularity too, as a healthier, affordable meal.

Now there’s no excuse for skipping breakfast. Burnbrae Farms, a leading Canadian egg supplier, is making breakfast faster than stopping at the drive-through. Egg Bakes™ crustless quiches and egg patties speed eggs from freezer to plate in 90 seconds. Makes a great portable sandwich, or add a side dish and you have lunch or supper in a hurry.

GIC sweet corn ice barCorny dessert

Our desire for indulgent foods will never go away. Stirring up memories of creamed corn, the amalgamation of corn and dairy makes a surprisingly delicious frozen treat. Imported from Korea, Gugën Sweet Corn Ice Bars with real corn kernels are sweet, creamy and indulgent. PanAsiaFood.Com

GIC salmon baconSomething fishy about bacon

If you love the taste of bacon but are not a fan of pork, Simply West Coast Bacon Style Salmon is bacon reinvented. With a crisp yet chewy texture, these thin wild salmon strips are naturally smoked and cured. The wild caught salmon is sustainably sourced and bears the Ocean Wise seal.

As a packaged foods specialist, Birgit Blain transforms food into retail-ready products. Her experience includes 17 years with Loblaw Brands and President’s Choice®. Contact her at Learn more at

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