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Unlock the Power of Your Frontline Teams. Win More Shifts.

As the #1 connected workforce solution in manufacturing, QAD Redzone enables frontline teams to contribute their full potential, elevating the frontline with new technology to achieve company goals around productivity and throughput. Today, hundreds of thousands of frontline workers are valued, celebrated, and working with purpose, creating stronger communities inside and outside their plants. With customers both big and small, Redzone is helping more than 1,300 plants worldwide achieve remarkable productivity gains in just 90 days. For more information, visit

Download New eBook: Tales of Triumph from the Factory Floor, Vol. 1

Here at QAD Redzone, we believe in celebrating the “Faces of the Frontline” by sharing the stories of how these game changers are driving the manufacturing industry forward.

As part of our series, “Faces of the Frontline: Manufacturing’s All Stars,” we created an ebook, “Tales of Triumph from the Factory Floor, Vol. 1.” In our ebook, we highlight the inspiring stories of some of the frontline workers representing top manufacturers like BetterBody Foods, Gorilla Glue, American Sugar Refining, Empire Bakery, and Allied Wire & Cable.

Best Practices to Uncover New Capacity in an Ongoing Labor Shortage

With workers slow to return to manufacturing jobs, and new workers harder than ever to recruit, train, and retain, the labor dilemma has officially become an emergency.

In this eBook, "The New Connected Workforce," we examine the economic implications the labor crisis is having on manufacturing, and we share strategies manufacturers can deploy to successfully hire and retain top talent. Learn four actionable ways manufacturers can make the most of their existing workforces to combat the current labor crisis—and thrive despite it by nurturing their talent pipelines.

• Empower and engage frontline workers
• Emphasize immediate productivityM
• Connect teams digitally
• Simplify daily operations and toolkits

QAD Redzone Frontline Workforce Engagement Study

An engaged frontline workforce is the difference between winning and losing. Win the battle for engagement and watch your staff turnover decline overnight. In Redzone’s 2022 Frontline Workforce Engagement Study, discover how 50 manufacturing plants authentically transformed the level of frontline engagement to increase plant productivity and reduce staff turnover by focusing on these five areas of engagement:

• Connecting teams and individuals
• Ownership of performance
• Autonomous problem solving
• Enabling cross-team collaboration
• Feeling competent and recognized

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