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In addition to position and process sensors, sensors for motion control and safety technology are part of the product range. Furthermore ifm offers products for industrial imaging and communication as well as identification systems and systems for mobile machines. ifm develops innovative Industry 4.0 solutions and corresponding software and cloud products to make existing business processes digitally usable and to offer new, holistic control options for sustainable efficiency and cost optimisation.

ifm food automation technologies assure process accuracy, consistent product quality and reliability

With over 50 years of experience in sensors and controls, we are your partner in food and beverage automation and production. ifm’s solutions assure process accuracy, consistent product quality, reliability and plant uptime. Our portfolio covers innovative, high-quality position sensors, level, temperature and pressure sensors. We also carry diagnostic systems with high temperature and cleaning resistance, which comply with the required standards and directives.

We are proud to provide personalized solutions and products based on our customers’ specific needs and offer:

• Quick deliveries for stocked parts (Best in class logistics)
• Reliable products: 5-year product warranty
• Competitive pricing
• Efficient and knowledgeable customer service and technical support

Monitoring conductivity in a CIP plant

Ensuring process steps in process plant cleaning

Conductivity sensors are ideally suited for use in the food industry. They detect the conductivity and concentration of different media and can differentiate between e.g. cleaning agents, rinsing water and the food product. This not only makes it possible to constantly track the product, but also to reduce the waste of product and rinsing water, without making any sensor adjustments. Precise, fast and reliable process measurements help to improve plant availability and optimise cleaning cycles.

In order to stay competitive, it is important to minimise production downtime without compromising the safety and quality of the product. Monitor detergent concentration and completed chemical flush out of the line. Conductivity can be used to detect the phase separation between rinsing water, caustic or acidic CIP solutions and the product. Only a measurable difference in the media’s conductivity is required.

New radar level sensor: Reliable monitoring of closed tanks, excellent for CIP/SIP

The new radar level sensor LW2720 sets new benchmarks for speed and accuracy. A standard M12 cable, fast parameter setting using IO-Link and a large selection of adapters allows for a simple, customized and quick set up. Also, different media do not have a detrimental effect on measurements. Even the high-speed filling or emptying of tanks are registered by the radar sensor thanks to the 80GHz technology – fast, with high precision and without blind zones.

ifm Case Studies: Browse the case studies where ifm has helped manufacturers increase overall efficiency and reduce costs

Case Study Company: Leading provider of equipment, processes and reporting systems
Goal: Improve productivity in large dairy farms
Return on Investment:
- Reduced CIP cleaning time by 20 minutes per day
- Over $38,000 efficiency improvement annually
- Reduced chemical and water treatment usage

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