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Welcome to the Future of Digital Marketing: The LeadDriver+ Advantage

Fuel your business growth with LeadDriver+ – the strategic powerhouse of B2B lead generation. LeadDriver+ utilizes Food In Canada exclusively owned and operated first-party audience data targeting the right audience and strategically integrating your brand messaging across multiple touchpoints. Our solutions maximize the potential for a continuous flow of leads, driving your sales pipeline and opening doors to new opportunities. Brace yourself for an omnichannel extravaganza with an additional 100,000 impressions, strategically integrating touchpoints across multiple phases of the customer buying journey

Your Digital Marketing Advantage

With Lead Driver+, you can now harness the full power of our exclusive first party data with a comprehensive digital and omnichannel marketing lead generation program.

The Food in Canada team is very excited about this customized lead generation journey that combines our exclusive 1st party data with full tech stack marketing including direct email automation marketing, customer data platforms, search, social and all other omnichannel marketing strategies.

Let the B2B marketing experts at Food in Canada deliver your targeted, personalized campaigns to our high quality audiences, AND provide you with the best scored leads and conversion rates.

Lead Driver+ uses marketing strategies and tactics to guide your potential customers through each stage of the marketing journey, building brand awareness, engagement, and ultimately conversion. The marketing journey is customer based and involves multiple touchpoints across all available channels.

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Our Data, Your Success

We’re excited to introduce you to Lead Driver+ – our game-changing program that leverages first-party data to deliver highly personalized and effective marketing messages.

In our latest video, “Leveraging the Power of First-Party Data,” we explore the potential of this cutting-edge approach. By utilizing exclusive 1st party data, we’ll guide your customers through a journey that builds brand awareness, engagement, and conversion. Through email automation, social media, programmatic and search networks, we’ll get your message to the right audience wherever they may be.

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Stay tuned for more insights and strategies to transform your marketing game!

“You have about 2 seconds to get their attention”

Join the Lead Driver+ team in a conversation about how to get the most out of your Digital Marketing.

We’re here to guide you on how to make the most out of this powerful program, designed for maximum effectiveness, yet minimal work for you. We’ll help with precision targeting to our exclusive first-party audiences, you simply provide us with your content, and we handle the rest for you.

For more insights on how you can make the most of a Lead Driver+ marketing campaign, watch our video and then when you’re ready, just contact me directly to get the conversation, and your sales funnels, going.

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