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Food in Canada and the Canadian Institute of Food Science & Technology recently hosted a webinar on “Pushing the potential of food entrepreneurs.” The webinar was moderated by Nithya Caleb, editor of Food in Canada. Mike McNeil, vice-president, Accelerator & Kitchen Programs, District Ventures (DV), was the speaker.

In 2015, McNeil jumped at the chance to build an accelerator program for food and beverage + health and wellness products founded by Canadian entrepreneur Arlene Dickinson. As the first accelerator of its kind in Canada, they learned things the hard way, but eventually, they prevailed. Last year, their accelerator companies did over $150M in revenue.

Today, District Ventures is Canada’s ecosystem for consumer goods, featuring a commercial kitchen in Toronto, a $100M venture capital fund, and marketing experts to support brand development.

In his presentation, McNeil touched on a variety of topics including what has worked for DV in propelling early stage companies forward. He also shared his insights on getting started, raising capital, and some of the approaches that have worked for DV’s entrepreneurs.

This is part of the bi-weekly webinar series, “The Learning Trough.” The webinars are held every other Wednesday from 12:00 p.m. to 12:45 p.m. EST. Click here for information.

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