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X-ray inspection

Eagle Product Inspection's EPX100 X-ray system can help manufacturers improve safety and protect their brands

Eagle Product Inspection has introduced its EPX100 X-ray system that inspects packaged foods.

The company says the system is suitable for a broad range of product applications across the bakery, confectionery, produce, ready meal, snack food industries.

From a food safety standpoint, the EPX100 uses the company’s advanced X-ray technology to detect and automatically reject potential contaminants, including glass shards, metal fragments, mineral stones, some plastic and rubber components and calcified bones. The company says the system can inspect products in cartons, plastic containers and pouches, among other formats.

The company says it created the system for ease of operation and low maintenance. It features adjustable power settings and the low-energy X-ray helps manufacturers minimize energy use and cost.



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