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Stable sour candy

Corbion PURAC says its PURAC Powder MA offers direct sourness and stability for confectionery

May 26, 2017   Food in Canada


Corbion Purac offers PURAC Powder MA, which it says offers superior sourness in soft-panned candy.

Manufacturing soft-panned candy with instant sourness can be challenging, says the company.

But PURAC Powder MA can allow “candy producers to provide direct sourness” and it’ll stay “stable in applications such as acid sanding and soft panning,” says the company’s website.

The company also says PURAC Powder MA is unique, patented,” contains malic acid and the company’s own revolutionary coating.


PURAC Powder MA also provides “low hygroscopicity and an instant, clean, taste profile.”

It also offers a “nearly instant, sour flavour release. At the time of consumption, the coating itself provides a sour taste, followed by the sour taste from the malic acid,” says the company. “This instant flavour release is complemented by the clean taste profile, caused by the fact that no fat has been used to coat the acid itself.”




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