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Snack cake solution

New cake solution from Arla Foods taps into "snackification" trend

September 24, 2015   by By Carol Neshevich

Bake & Snack Food

Cake Solution Arla Foods picArla Foods Ingredients has developed a high-protein Snack Cake solution to help bakery companies target opportunities created by the ‘snackification’ of meal occasions.

According to Nielsen research, as many as 45 per cent of consumers globally regularly consume a snack as a meal alternative. This phenomenon – known as snackification – is redefining how people eat and driving demand for healthier and more nutritious snacks that are considered a suitable replacement for a traditional meal.

Arla’s new Snack Cake solution is an on-the-go alternative to a sit-down meal, offering excellent taste and containing up to 10 per cent whey protein and 200 mg of calcium in a 21 g serving with only 100 calories.

The recipe is completely egg-free, helping bakers control costs and overcome the supply chain difficulties sometimes associated with eggs. It also results in a recipe that is lower in saturated fat and cholesterol than other cakes. From a technical perspective, the Snack Cake is straightforward to manufacture, and scores highly on moistness, structure, stability and shelf life.

“Most snacks are designed to satisfy a hunger craving rather than provide essential nutrients, which means people who snack in place of a traditional meal could be leaving a gap in their diet. Our Snack Cake solution represents an example of a product that can help address this. It meets all the usual criteria for a great snack – it’s convenient and indulgent,” says John Kjaer, Global Sales Manager for Bakery at Arla Foods Ingredients. “But, in addition, it delivers important nutrients, ensuring it is on-trend and attractive to modern consumers.”

Arla Foods Ingredients believes the Snack Cake offers inspiration for creating products that will appeal to two key demographic groups in particular – children and millennials.


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