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SIG unveils robotic sleeve magazine

July 26, 2021   by Food in Canada staff


With R-CAM 2, SIG has developed a new, fully automated sleeve magazine that’s designed to work with all filling machines in its current machine portfolio. With this latest solution, SIG is enabling food and beverage manufacturers to increase workflow efficiency while reducing the amount of manual labour they require.

R-CAM 2 is a robotic sleeve magazine that consists of two parts: a pallet magazine and an unpacking station, with the former offering space for two industrial pallets. SIG’s latest sleeve magazine is designed to automatically remove shipping boxes from the pallet, open them, and then load the filling machine with carton sleeves. This allows customers to operate an end-to-end filling line with one operator.

Stefan Mergel, senior product manager-equipment at SIG said, “With this next-generation sleeve magazine, SIG created a highly robust, stable and reliable solution that is designed to cater to all filling machines in our current machine portfolio, making it a key component in building the fully automated filling lines of the future – and helping manufacturers save time and costs in the process.”

R-CAM 2 is also loaded with other time-saving features: from being able to run continuously for up to 2.5 hours without the need to change a pallet to an ability to compress and pack empty shipping boxes.



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