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Sensors make smart motors

ABB's new Ability Smart Sensor can boost productivity and reduce downtime

ABB offers its Ability Smart Sensor to help manufacturers keep track of motor health.

The Ability Smart Sensor, says the company in a statement, “uses compact sensors to pick up multiple data from low-voltage motors and provides information about motor health and performance via a smartphone or a dedicated web portal.”

ABB says the system makes low-voltage motors more efficient, allows users to be on top of maintenance instead of just reacting to changes, and it offers uptime optimization.

The statement explains that once low-voltage motors are converted into “intelligent, connected machines” by using the system, they can help manufacturers cut costs.


ABB says the system can reduce downtime by up to “70 per cent, extend motor lifetime by as much as 30 per cent and cut energy consumption by up to 10 per cent.” 


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