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Sanitizer for raw edible seeds

Agri-Neo has created Neo-Pure, a natural and biodegradable method for fighting bacteria – using peracetic acid – with a 99.9% efficacy

Toronto – Agri-Neo offers its Neo-Pure, the first sanitizer approved for use on raw edible seeds in Canada.

The company says the current practice of sampling to detect contamination provides no preventative pathogen control.

AlmondsSeeds350x110Neo-Pure uses the active ingredient peracetic acid, which has been proven to have at least 99.9% efficacy on food in a controlled laboratory environment against numerous pathogenic species.

In the field, all sanitizers are influenced by a number of variables such as soil level, initial microbial load, biofilm, application technique and weather. All these factors can potentially result in lower than advertised pathogen reduction.


But Neo-Pure still achieves 90% to 99.9% efficacy.

The product is a patent-pending powder formulation composed of food-grade organic-certified compounds derived from natural resources. When dissolved in water, Neo-Pure generates a novel sanitizer based on the active ingredient peracetic acid.

Peracetic acid is a more reactive form of vinegar (acetic acid) with a single additional oxygen.

After contact with microbes and food surfaces, peracetic acid biodegrades into water and carbon dioxide leaving no residue or change in nutrients or organoleptics.

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