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Kemin's BactoCEASE NV OR Liquid helps manufacturers offer safe and label-friendly meat and poultry products

January 6, 2017   Food in Canada

The Food Technologies division of Kemin, a leading provider of shelf-life extension and food safety solutions for food and beverage industries, now offers BactoCEASE NV OR Liquid as part of its buffered vinegar food safety solutions line. As an alternative to traditionally used synthetic preservatives, this line of buffered vinegar-based products helps manufacturers offer safe and label-friendly meat and poultry products, and is available in liquid, dry, no-thumbnail_kemin-meatsodium and organic varieties. “Our addition of a certified, organic version of BactoCEASE NV OR Liquid is another example of how Kemin responds to our customer’s need for label-friendly ingredient solutions,” says Courtney Schwartz, senior Marketing Communications manager for Kemin Food Technologies. “As consumers demand more ‘clean’ and organic food and beverage options, Kemin solutions like our organic vinegar preparation allow manufacturers to meet these needs with an effective, recognizable ingredient.” BactoCEASE NV products have been shown to be effective in extending shelf life by controlling growth of food-borne pathogens, such as Listeria monocytogenes, in fresh and Ready-to-Eat (RTE) meat and poultry products, without negatively impacting the texture or flavour of the finished product.


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