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ProClean FOAM

Madison Chemical Company's ProClean FOAM is a chlorinated, moderately alkaline detergent that is an ideal general cleaner for food and beverage processing plants

water bottling plant

Madison Chemical Company offers its ProClean FOAM, a chlorinated, moderately alkaline detergent that can work as a general-purpose foaming cleaner in most water conditions.

The company says the product is NSF-registered and is an ideal general cleaner on all surfaces in and around food and beverage processing areas, where it’s not intended for food contact.

If manufacturers use is it in a foam generator as a one-package cleaner, it produces thick, stable, wet foam necessary for cleaning while reducing dry-out or run-off.

It can clean all ferrous and stainless surfaces surfaces, vertical and overhead surfaces and those not easily cleaned by other methods.


The company adds that ProClean FOAM rinses easily with potable water and without streaking. It is generally used at ambient temperatures to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, with exact dilutions dependent on specific application requirements.


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