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Probiotics solutions

Lallemand Health Solutions offers a range of complete probiotic solutions for good gut health, for boosting immunity and oral health, and for stress and mood balance

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Montreal’s Lallemand Health Solutions offers a portfolio of specific probiotic strains.

The company has created a Sport range that can support gut health, boost natural immune defenses and deal with the stress of everyday life. Lallemand says recent trials in this area show that Lactobacillus helveticus Lafti L10 supports immune defenses in elite athletes.

The company also offers a formulation called ProbioKid, which both Canadian and U.S. authorities have approved for use in young children, says the company (that includes U.S. GRAS status for infants and children; and Health Canada’s approval for children from three months old with immunity health claims). ProbioKid can help boost natural defenses, and address stress and oral health.

The company is also researching probiotic solutions for stress and mood balance (or what is also known as the brain gut axis). Lallemand says three of its flagship probiotic combinations or strains have shown specific benefits (Probio’Stick, Lacidofil, and Bifidobacterium bifidum Rosell-71).



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