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Pillow and flange blocks

LM76's FoodStream Pillow and Flange Blocks are electrodeless nickel-plated so they won't corrode

August 29, 2017   Food in Canada


LM76 of Massachusetts offers its FoodStream electrodeless nickel-plated Pillow and Flange Blocks.

The company says they’re ideal for use in processing and packaging food especially since the electrodeless nickel “protects the aluminum base from corrosive liquids, harsh caustic wash-down chemicals and biological fluids.”

The FoodStream Pillow and Flange Blocks are also available with FDA and USDA/3A dairy-compliant scraper seals and in custom sizes and designs.

To complement the FoodStream pillow and flange blocks, the company says users can choose “from a broad range of FDA/USDA/3A-Dairy compliant linear bearings when developing products or equipment that is going to be subjected to: Contamination of a processing plant, caustic chemical wash downs, corrosive fruit juices, biological fluids, and submersion in water or sterilizing chemicals.”



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