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The Phytoshield Flavor System

The PhytoShield Flavor System can be used in foods like hummus

The PhytoShield Flavor System is a series of customized solutions for food systems that can address a broad range of product quality goals related to flavour,

The PhytoShield Flavor System can be used in foods like hummus

microbial degradation, and shelf life with a natural technology platform – based on decades of flavour system experience. As a form of “self-preservation,” these flavour systems deliver broad-spectrum anti-microbial activity, effective against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, fungi, moulds and yeast – with performance comparable to or better than synthetic technologies.  The anti-microbial efficacy of PhytoShield is a synergistic effect created by the reaction of bioflavonoids, flavour components, polyphenols and other organic acids. This evolutionary approach to delivering broad-spectrum antimicrobial efficacy can translate into better overall product quality and a longer shelf life. Because PhytoShield is a natural flavour technology, it allows the development of a cleaner label on your packaging. Low use rates and formulation-friendly physical characteristics make PhytoShield easy to incorporate in foods. For more information contact CK Ingredients Inc.


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