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PerkinElmer introduces IndiScope raw milk analysis solution

September 9, 2021   by Food in Canada staff

Food Safety

PerkinElmer launches its IndiScope raw milk analysis solution, which is designed to help milk collection points perform fast and accurate testing to determine fair market value and help ensure a safe raw milk supply chain for consumers.

The IndiScope solution features a pre-calibrated instrument with pre-defined methods, built-in software for easy integration with other systems and PerkinElmer consumables.

With the IndiScope solution, milk collection stations can quickly and easily test milk’s composition for fat and protein levels and detect adulterants such as water, maltodextrin and urea. Results are delivered in under 30 seconds.

The solution’s workflow meets ISO, IDF and AOAC guidance for testing repeatability and data can be saved via built-in USB ports or exported to a PC.


“Global consumers are increasingly demanding higher quality, purer dairy products and, in turn, regulators around the world are working to improve the quality and safety of the milk supply chain,” said Greg Sears, VP and GM of food at PerkinElmer. “Having easy to use, affordable and powerful testing technologies that start earlier in the milk and dairy product cycle will help. That’s what the IndiScope solution is all about.”


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