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Pea protein crisp

PGP International has launched a new 60% protein crisp which is set to provide food manufacturers with a competitive edge in a market where energy-boosting protein, weight management and clean eating is in high demand

Woodland, Calif. – PGP International has launched a new 60 per cent protein crisp.

The pea protein crisps, which could be incorporated into a variety of products including cereals, snack bars, energy foods and confectionery, have been developed using PGP International’s latest extrusion technology, which ensures the 60 per cent crisps contain high levels of protein while remaining free from hexane, a neurotoxic petrochemical solvent.

Pea protein crisps have a variety of health benefits:
• they’re gluten free;
• 100% vegan;
• Kosher;
• easily digested by the body to minimise bloating;
• they’re hypoallergenic; and
• they’re ideal for those intolerant to animal-based proteins or soy.

Pea protein has also been clinically investigated and is proven to improve satiety between meals due to the way in which it stimulates intestinal secretion of peptides which signal to the central nervous system food intake should be reduced. This makes them an excellent ingredient for weight management foods.


They’re also high in BCAAs (branched chain amino acids) which help to maintain the body in a muscle-building state, something which is in high demand with weight lifting and fitness enthusiasts. 


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