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September 22, 2017  

Immune-system health

Ganeden offers a probiotic ingredient called Staimune for functional foods

foodPress Ingredients & Additives Food Trends Processing
September 22, 2017  

Natural umami salt replacer

Greenyard Lutèce Food Ingredients says it “unlocks the power of mushrooms” to develop ingredients that help reduce salt

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September 18, 2017  

Seamless transborder shipping

Old Dominion Freight Line can help companies reduce paperwork and delays for seamless transborder shipments

foodPress Bake & Snack Food Beverages Confectionery Dairy Fruit & Vegetables Grain & Oilseed Milling Ingredients & Additives Meat &Poultry Pet Food Seafood Specialty Foods Exporting & Importing
September 13, 2017  

Easy transborder shipping

Old Dominion can help make transborder shipping for food processors easy, fast and hassle free

foodPress Fruit & Vegetables Food Trends Processing
September 8, 2017  

Colour it red – naturally

Frutarom has launched Bright’n Free Red Rosy, a red colour line manufacturers can use in their plant-based meat substitutes

foodPress Meat &Poultry Processing
September 1, 2017  

Precision cutting

Handtmann’s INOTEC WT99-iT series of Link Cutters has won an award for its design and performance

foodPress Beverages Dairy Processing
August 29, 2017  

Pillow and flange blocks

LM76’s FoodStream Pillow and Flange Blocks are electrodeless nickel-plated so they won’t corrode

foodPress Ingredients & Additives Food Safety Processing Research & Development
August 15, 2017  

The Phytoshield Flavor System

The PhytoShield Flavor System is a series of customized

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July 31, 2017  

Make it red!

SupraRed from Sensient Colors is a natural choice for baked goods and dry grocery products and it stays red

foodPress Specialty Foods Business Operations
July 31, 2017  

Pallet dispenser

The new bulk bag filler with wooden pallet dispenser from Best Process Solutions automatically places an empty pallet under a bulk bag before filling.

foodPress Beverages Dairy Business Operations
July 31, 2017  

Combidome Low Acid carton bottle

SIG Combibloc has announced that its combidome carton bottle has also been launched for low-acid products

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July 21, 2017  

Super detection!

Industrial Magnetics Inc. says its new seals and gaskets are easier to detect by magnetic separation equipment

foodPress Beverages Dairy Specialty Foods Packaging
July 14, 2017  

Plant-based aseptic packaging

SIG Combibloc has unveiled the world’s first aseptic pack that is 100 per cent linked to plant-based renewable material

foodPress Beverages Processing
July 6, 2017  

Rotary tank cleaning machine

Alfa Laval’s TJ40G rotary tank cleaning machine has a self-cleaning feature and can save users money

foodPress Bake & Snack Food Packaging Processing
June 28, 2017  

Making and packaging bar products

As demand for bar products grows, Bosch Packaging Technology offers a system that makes production smoother, faster and safer

foodPress Bake & Snack Food Beverages Confectionery Dairy Fruit & Vegetables Ingredients & Additives Meat &Poultry Pet Food Seafood Specialty Foods Facilities Maintenance Processing
June 22, 2017  

Sensors make smart motors

ABB’s new Ability Smart Sensor can boost productivity and reduce downtime

foodPress Beverages Dairy Research & Development
June 19, 2017  

Dairy beverage stabilizer

TIC Gums new Ticaloid PRO 192 AGD and High Viscosity are ideal for dairy beverages and provide emulsification

foodPress Meat &Poultry Processing Products
June 13, 2017  

Easy meatballs

Hollymatic introduces the new Econoball 200 Meatball Former

foodPress Meat &Poultry Food Safety Processing
June 6, 2017  

Ingredients prevent meat spoilage

Two new natural and taste-free antimicrobial ingredients help prevent spoilage in meat products

foodPress Confectionery Processing
May 26, 2017  

Stable sour candy

Corbion PURAC says its PURAC Powder MA offers direct sourness and stability for confectionery

foodPress Bake & Snack Food Processing
May 17, 2017  

Emulsifier for baked goods

SweetPro V100 is a new emulsifier from Corbion that offers baked goods manufacturers consistency

foodPress Bake & Snack Food Beverages Confectionery Dairy Fruit & Vegetables Meat &Poultry Pet Food Seafood Specialty Foods Food Safety
May 9, 2017  

Safe food travels

Digi International Inc. offers its Digi SafeTemps to help customers protect their inventory when it’s on the road or when it’s parked at a dock.
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foodPress Dairy Meat &Poultry Business Operations Food Safety Processing
May 8, 2017  

High duty performance

Tolomatic says its ERD hygienic all-stainless-steel electric cylinders are designed to IP69k rating specifications for clean-in-place, high-temperature, and high-pressure caustic wash downs.

foodPress Ingredients & Additives Processing
May 2, 2017  

Ingredients for healthy aging

Naturex has launched two ingredients to help promote healthy aging: ThinkBlue and Turmipure. One uses the benefits of blueberries and the other the benefits of turmeric.

foodPress Health & Wellness Ingredients & Additives Food Trends Processing
April 25, 2017  

Easy to use phytosterol system

LIPOPHYTOL phytosterol system is new from Lipofoods. The company says it’s a highly concentrated, water-dispersable source of plant sterols in an easy to use format.

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April 17, 2017  

Flavours and colours

Gold Coast Ingredients offers a full line of flavours and colours in a variety of consistencies for a wide range of food and beverage sectors.

foodPress Beverages Dairy Food Safety Processing
April 11, 2017  

Nitric acid-based cleaner

Madison Chemical’s Compound CR-12ON can remove oxides, oxalates and milkstone from stainless steel dairy and food processing equipment

foodPress Bake & Snack Food Confectionery Ingredients & Additives Specialty Foods Processing
April 4, 2017  

Better texture and taste in baked goods

Kerry, The Taste & Nutrition Company offers Biobake enzymes and the Myvatex range of emulsifiers and texturants – both of which give baked goods and other food products better mouthfeel, volume and freshness

foodPress Bake & Snack Food Processing
March 24, 2017  

Whip it up!

FrieslandCampina Kievit’s new Vana-Monte DP570 is a high-performance powder whipping agent that gives cakes a smooth appearance and can help make swirls with clean sharp edges

foodPress Beverages Processing
March 22, 2017  

It’s Tiki Time!

Tiki Time is a series of beverage concepts featuring innovative flavours such as falemum, coconut, Curacao and more. Symrise launched the series in response to the rising interest in Tiki beverages by millennials and baby boomers

foodPress Bake & Snack Food Specialty Foods Processing
March 7, 2017  

Snack and savoury applications

Sensient offers manufacturers a variety of savoury seasonings, organic flavours for savoury applications and sodium reduced options

foodPress Bake & Snack Food Beverages Confectionery Health & Wellness Ingredients & Additives Processing
February 24, 2017  

Pea protein crisp

PGP International has launched a new 60% protein crisp which is set to provide food manufacturers with a competitive edge in a market where energy-boosting protein, weight management and clean eating is in high demand

foodPress Processing
February 24, 2017  

Pallet transfer cart

Verti-Lift has introduced a heavy-duty transfer cart that can quickly and ergonomically move pallets and other heavy components (up to 4000 capacity) within production environments.

foodPress Beverages Packaging
February 22, 2017  

Maximize efficiency in shrink-sleeve packaging

Butler Automatic offers its Automatic SP3HSL Sleeve Splicer to help meet the demand for more efficient shrink-sleeve packaging

foodPress Fruit & Vegetables Processing
February 14, 2017  

Take action with the new Coretakr

FTNON’s new robotic Coretakr makes lettuce core removal painless.

foodPress Bake & Snack Food Beverages Health & Wellness Ingredients & Additives Food Trends Processing Research & Development
February 8, 2017  

Protein ingredient that’s not from whey protein

NZMP, Fonterra’s dairy ingredients business, has developed a protein ingredient that can deliver more protein than other standard whey protein offerings and isn’t made from whey protein.