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New patent makes cleaning, sanitizing easier

Dynamic Conveyor new removable retaining walls for its DynaClean systems reduce the time it takes to clean and sanitize the conveyors

Muskegon, Mich. – Dynamic Conveyor has applied for a patent on the design of its removable retaining walls for its DynaClean food conveying systems. The company says the ability to remove these retaining walls, without the use of tools, gives quick access for belt removal and admittance to the internal components of the conveyor. Having full exposure quickly allows the sanitary conveyor to be cleaned and put back into the processing line in half the time of traditional food processing conveyors.

In addition to the patent pending design of the removable retaining walls, the sanitary conveyor design offers other easy to clean features. One-dimensional leg supports eliminate the possibility of hidden bacteria. Stand-offs and flange head bolts are used for easy cleaning access. The drum style motor is hermetically sealed and totally enclosed with no externally mounted bearings to clean, sanitize or maintain; therefore, it can be cleaned in much less time than a typical motor.

The food processing conveyors are constructed of plastic and stainless steel materials that meet NSF, FDA, USDA and BISCC standards. The materials are corrosion resistant, non-toxic, non-absorbent and temperature resistant. The plastic side walls do not rot or retain harmful bacteria, odours or cleaning agents. The conveying systems can easily be cleaned and sanitized with hot water, steam and/or detergents ranging from Sodium Hydroxide to Hydrochloric Acid.



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