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So naturally blue!

D.D. Williamson offers food processors more natural colour options with its spirulina blue

December 9, 2014   Food in Canada

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Louisville, Ky. – Historically, food processors have had more choices when it comes to red natural colourings (betalains, anthocyanins, etc.) and yellow (annatto, saffron, carotenoids, turmeric, SpirulinaBlue250x232DDWcaramel colour, etc.).

But when it comes to blue, their options were few. Anthocyanins do work at a higher pH for blue hues and have water soluble attributes.

Now D.D. Williamson offers a powdered spirulina blue and a liquid spirulina blue – both formulated for enhanced light stability.

The products provide a pure blue colour with no green or purple undertones. However, if food processors choose it can be blended with other D. D. Williamson natural colourings to create green and blue hues.


Some of the hue descriptions of natural blue and blue-green colours include Blueberry, Concord Grape, Aloe, Sage, and Rosemary.

Some of the applications include ice cream, panned candy, yogurts, frostings and more.


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